We are Hyper! This is our in-house creative portal of fun projects and other whimsical ideas that pass through our brain. We love to create new and interesting things, using modern technology, superior workflows, and a touch of pizazz.

Hyper Interactive was founded over 10+ years ago. We can barely believe it ourselves. We’ve worked with dozens of top-tier brands, agencies, studios, designs, freelancers and more. We’ve dabbled in everything from Flash, MySpace themes, Google Adwords, gaming portals, mobile applications, design, consulting and more.

The web is super fast-paced, and we absolutely love its ever changing status. Our clients appreciate our modern take on old ideas. In that regard, we aspire to reach the moon with every project we take on.

This page serves as an amalgamation of ideas, prototypes, success stories, and overall creative breadth that is Hyper.

We hope you enjoy!

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Sushi Stickers

Carefully crafted Sushi stickers that will make you laugh, smile and smirk as you send them to your Sushi-loving friends, family and that special someone.

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Good Vibes Stickers

75+ hand-drawn stickers to promote good vibes.

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Honey Stickers

Send your 'boo thang' a little affection with this HD set of love stickers for iMessage.

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